Why would you choose VIDYA Teacher App

Why would you choose VIDYA Teacher App

VIDYA Teacher App is a teaching app that is only for the teachers. This App making things easier for students to understand. Opting this app for teaching you can continue their classes in every situation.

 There are some key points of the VIDYA Teacher app as follows:
  1. Separate Login: VIDYA Teacher App provides separate login for every teacher of the school. where teachers can take classes in their subjects.
  2. Easy to understand: Functions of the VIDYA Teacher App is easy to understand. No technical expertise is required to update content. 
  3. Modules: In this app, every section is categorized into separate modules.
  4. Modules View: You can see every module in the App Dashboard and Menu option both.
  5. Quick link: VIDYA Teacher App includes a Quick Link bar.  With the help of this, you can quickly access the features of this app.
  6. Classes: In this app, you can select a class by their shift, stream, sections, and subjects.
  7. Summary of classroom section: In this App, you can see the short summary of all sections of the classroom module together at one place from the dashboard.
  8. Show Date and time: In VIDYA Teacher App you can see all activity of the module's sections with their date and time.
  9. Help & Support: In this app training videos and articles are available related to this app.
  10. You can also open it in your browser.

To encourage the development of new teaching methods VIDYA Teacher App is very useful. Learning never stops all your life, and for teachers to evolve, as a good teacher needs to explore themselves, and try innovative educational measures to teach students.

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