Create New SMS

Create New SMS

New SMS option is used to create New SMS.

Steps - 

  • Click the SMS menu.
  • Open the New SMS option.
  • ‚Äč         
  • Select SMS Template which you want.
  • Fill the Text box according to the SMS template.
  • Click the Get Student/ Get Contacts button.

     Note- On clicking Get Student button you can send SMS to students. 

               On clicking Get Contacts you can send SMS to others like- Teachers, Vendors etc.

  • On clicking Get Student-
    • Search student by Reg No, Name or Class Wise.
    • Click on the Search button to load record.
    • Now select Mailing Contact or Permanent Contact.
    • Select students one by one or click Select All button.
    • Click on Ok button.
  • On Clicking Get contacts-
    • Select All Groups or select one group.
    • Select one record and click on OK button


  1. After clicking Get Student button-


  1.  After clicking Get Contacts button-         

NOTE:-To creating English SMS 160 Character count 1 SMS and to creating Hindi SMS 70 character count 1 SMS.
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