What is Student Module

What is Student Module

Student Module - This module is used for managing and modifying student data.

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Options in Student Module are -

  1. New Entry - This option is used to admit new students in the school.
  2. Modify - This option is used to modify the student details.
  3. ID Card - This option is used to generate and print the ID Card of students.
  4. Detail - This option is used to view or print the filled admission form of the student.
  5. Sibling - This option is used to group two or more students together that belong to the same family. After making the student's sibling you can deposit the fees of those two students at the same time. 
  6. Sec Setting - This option is used to allot sections to students.
  7. Subject Setiing-This option is used to allot subjects to students.
  8. Class Update - This option is used to promote students to the next class.
  9. Roll No - This option is used to allot roll no to students.
  10. Book Name Slip - This option is used to generate and print the book name slips of students.
  11. Report - This option is used to generate and print different types of student reports.

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